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American College of Radiology Fellowship
Fellowship in the American College of Radiology (ACR) is one of the highest honors that can be bestowed upon a radiologist or physicist, with less than 10% of all individuals achieving this distinction. A select committee of the ACR reviews state chapter-sponsored nominations each year, using rigorous criteria.

To successfully qualify, a candidate must have been a member of the ACR for a minimum of 5 years and have made significant contributions to the profession, including one or more of the following criteria (listed in order of importance):

  1. Service to organized medicine in local, state, or national medical organizations, particularly the ACR.
  2. The accomplishment of significant scientific or clinical research in the field of Radiology, or significant contributions to the literature.
  3. The performance of outstanding service as a teacher of Radiology.
  4. An outstanding reputation among colleagues and local community. It is expected that all nominees for fellowship will fulfill this criterion. It is necessary, but not sufficient for nomination.

For more information on ACR Fellowship, please check the ACR website or contact any member of the Executive Committee of the Radiological Society of New Jersey.

New Jersey members of the American College of Radiology, who have successfully met these criteria and have been awarded this distinction, are:

Name   Fellowship
04/11/1978 Edwin S Wilson Jr, MD, FACR   09/15/1998 Jerry S Apple, MD, FACR
09/01/1979 Milton Gallant, MD   09/15/1998 David Stanley Marsden, PhD, FACR
09/01/1981 Roger A Berg, MD, FACR   09/28/1999 David L Rosenfeld, MD, FACR
09/01/1985 Brian Donnelly, MD, FACR   09/28/1999 Alan J Simpson, MD, FACR
09/01/1986 Herman M Robinson, MD, FACR   09/26/2000 Mark L Baum, MD, FACR
09/01/1987 Mohan Makhija, MD, FACR*   09/11/2001 Mark T DiMarcangelo, DO, MS, FACR
09/01/1988 Seungho Howard Lee, MD, FACR   05/09/2004 Albert A Tedeschi, MD, FACR
09/01/1989 Alexander Z Haas, MD, FACR   05/09/2004 Jeffrey Scott Kempf, MD, FACR
09/01/1989 Erwin Tepper, MD, FACR   05/21/2006 Thomas J Sergi, MD, FACR
09/01/1989 Paul E Wallner, DO, FACR   05/18/2008 Harry Agress Jr, MD, FACR
09/01/1990 Edward G Moss, MD, FACR   05/18/2008 Donald F Denny JR, MD, FACR
09/01/1992 Stephen R Baker, MD, FACR   05/18/2008 Peter YC Ho, MD, FACR
09/01/1993 A Donald Meltzer, MD, FACR   05/18/2008 Maria D. Kelly, MD, BCh.
09/01/1994 Lawrence C Swayne, MD, FACR   05/18/2008 Anthony P Yudd, MD, PhD, FACR
09/01/1995 Julie K Timins, MD, FACR   05/03/2009 Melinda J Staiger, MD, FACR
09/01/1997 Charles A Herbstman, MD, FACR   05/2011 David Dowd, MD
9/15/1998 Judith K Amorosa, MD, FACR      




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