In order to become a member of
 the Radiological Society of New
 Jersey, you must first join the
 American College of Radiology.

 To join the Radiological Society of
 New Jersey, go to the American
 College of Radiology or contact us
 for more information.

 ACR Fellowship
Fellowship in the ACR is one of
 the highest honors that can be
 bestowed upon a radiologist

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 Gold Medal Award
The RSNJ's highest award is
 the Gold Medal
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Why Join the ACR (page 2)

II. Radiologist Care

The ACR is also the primary socio-economic and legal organization for radiology:

     A. Represents radiologists before:

         1. Congress & State Legislatures
         2. Federal & State Agencies
         3. Medicare and Third Party Payers
         4. National and Local Media
         5. Federal and State Courts
         6. Organized medicine
         7. CPT-IV and ICD-9 coding committees
         8. State Medicare Carrier Advisory Committees

     B. Publishes numerous materials to keep members informed - ACR Bulletin

     C. ACR Website -

     D. Conducts public relations campaigns to enhance radiology's public image

     E. ACR Professional Bureau - job listings

     F. ACR founded additional political organizations:

         1. Radiology Advocacy Alliance (RAA)
         2. Radiology Political Action Committee (RADPAC)

III. Radiology Resident Care

The ACR provides numerous benefits for the future radiologist in training:

     A. Automatic Free Membership in the State Chapter Society and ACR, with a gradual increase in the latter over a four year period

     B. ACR Standards - 95

     C. ACR Appropriateness Criteria

     D. ACR Bulletin

     E. Annual ACR In-Training Examination

     F. ACR Video Presentations on Non-clinical Skills

         1. Job Search
         2. Practical Business Issues
         3. ACR Standards, Accreditation Programs, Appropriateness Criteria
         4. Critical Thinking Skills
         5. Ethics
         6. Service Orientation/Interpretation Skills
         7. M edical Organization Policies

     G. Professional Bureau - job listings available on both state and national levels

     H. Fellowship Directory - national directory of radiology fellowships

Top Ten Reasons to be an ACR Member:

The ACR has composed the following "top ten list" of reasons radiologists should be members:

  • Leader in Patient Care
  • Career Investment
  • Reimbursement
  • Cancer Treatment
  • Image
  • Opportunities for Involvement
  • Representation
  • Support of Tomorrow's Radiologists
  • ACR Fellowship
  • Member Benefits

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