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Welcome to the Residents and Fellows section of the
Radiological Society of New Jersey

Who we are…

We are the New Jersey chapter of the American College of Radiology- Resident and Fellow Section (ACR-RFS). We represent radiology residents and fellows at the bimonthly meetings held at the Hyatt Hotel in New Brunswick. We are also sponsored by the RSNJ to attend the Annual Meeting and Chapter Leadership Conference (AMCLC) in Washington D.C. Members of the RFS meet to discuss issues that affect us as members in-training. Residents join other ACR members from their states and lobby members of Congress on Capitol Hill to discuss the specific legislative issues that affect us.

So what is the ACR and how does the Residents and Fellows Section affect me?

The ACR is an organization of individuals which represents over 34,000 radiologists, radiation oncologists, interventional radiologists, nuclear medicine physicians, and medical physicists, including approximately 5,000 residents and fellows.

The goal of the ACR is to advocate for physicians on the political level in order to ensure that we can provide the best care for our patients.

The ACR represents the specialty before:

  • Congress and state legislatures

  • Federal and state agencies

  • Medicare and 3rd party payers

  • National and local media

  • Organized medicine

Some of the major issues the ACR is currently tackling include:

  • Imaging Utilization and the fight against commoditization

  • Decreased reimbursement

  • Self-referral

  • Healthcare reform

The ACR is also a source for continuing medical education.

Benefits of membership in the ACR include:

  • Access to ACR Practice Guidelines and Technical Standards

  • Access to ACR Appropriateness Criteria

  • Access to the ACR Education Center and Learning Files online

  • Access to the ACR Career Center where we can post our resumés and search for jobs

  • Subscription to ACR publications (ACR Bulletin and JACR)

The Residents and Fellows Section of the ACR:

  • Led by an Executive Committee of 7 members in-training

  • Meets annually during the ACR Annual Meeting in Washington D.C.

  • Develops resources for residents such as the ACR Learning Center and Fellowship Directory

  • Helps to educate residents on the non-clinical aspects of radiology such as the Business Concepts in Radiology, a Powerpoint-based lecture series

Below are some of the issues discussed at our recent bimonthly RSNJ meetings:

  • Radiology Leadership Institute- an initiative by the ACR with the goal of providing leadership training for radiologists by partnering with business schools and MBA programs.

  • Current Legislative and Legal Issues:

    Bill HR 4302:
    -- Requires HHS secretary to show data that supports the decision to implement the 25% reduction in the professional component
    -- Requires cuts greater than 20% to be phased in over a 2 year period. We are advocating for a permanent fix to the Sustainable Growth Rate formula.

    CT Lung Cancer Screening:
    The Affordable Care Act requires insurers on exchanges to reimburse for preventative services given a rating of B or higher by the USPSTF.

    Dense Breast Legislation:
    Requires imaging centers in New Jersey to inform patients about the density of their breasts and the resulting limits of mammography in detecting lesions in dense breasts.

How can I get involved?

  • Become active in RSNJ, attend the ACR AMCLC meeting in Washington D.C., and encourage other like-minded residents to do the same.

  • It is a very exciting time to be a radiology resident. There are many issues on the political front that can be influenced by us and it is important that we are aware of what is going on in Congress regarding our specialty.

  • As residents and fellows who will soon be joining academic and private practices, we are the ones who will be most affected tomorrow by the decisions being made today. We feel that “getting involved” is more than just a catchphrase as it compels us to gain a familiarity with the issues at hand so that we can contribute to the discussions and legislation affecting our chosen profession.

  • We strive to coordinate our efforts with those of the American College of Radiology (ACR). As residents and fellows, we enjoy complimentary membership in the College and we are fortunate that the College has recognized the unique status of members who are in training as long-term stakeholders in the future of radiology. To that end, the ACR has set up the Residents and Fellows Section (RFS) to give us a voice and to serve as a platform for future membership in the college.

  • If you are interested in learning more about the RSNJ or would like to attend a meeting, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always looking to meet new residents.

  • My contact information is below. Send me an email so that we can discuss different ways for you and your colleagues to learn and contribute!

Robert Azizi, MD
Rutgers-UMDNJ Radiology Residency program at Robert Wood Johnson Hospital
New Brunswick, New Jersey



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