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What's New

Below are some of the issues discussed at our recent bimonthly RSNJ meetings:

1.  Breast radioactive seed localization is a new program, which many hospitals have started. Currently, the Department of Environmental Services only allows radiation oncologists to perform the procedure and RSNJ would like to work on changing the statute to have mammographers also do this procedure. 

2.  Screening “walk-in” mammograms do not need a prescription. As a radiologist, you can legally order a follow up study. However, insurance companies may not necessarily cover the study if it is ordered by the radiologist.

3.  RSNJ is working with the Department of Health to introduce a pilot study utilizing ACR Select.

4.  The state of NJ is opposed to a law allowing doctors to see and treat patients remotely through telemedicine. Radiologists need a NJ license to generate a final report and you need to be physically within the tristate/Medicare zone to finalize reports for Medicare patients.

5.   A law called “Claudia’s law” which was proposed over a year ago and would require radiologists to let their patients know if they have an abnormal chest xray is still pending approval.

6.  The RSNJ legislator mentioned that they will attempt to decrease the ambulatory care tax. 

7.  Click here for an editorial that the RSNJ prepared regarding the ACF tax which came out in the NJ Star Ledger recently.

Radiology residents are an important priority of both the Radiological Society of New Jersey and the American College of Radiology. They represent the future of both the specialty and our respective societies and it is from their ranks that tomorrow's leaders will emerge. All radiology residents are automatically accorded membership in both the RSNJ and ACR free of charge in order to foster lifelong membership. Currently there are over 100 resident (junior) members of the RSNJ. Residents, attending radiologists and radiation oncologist members of the RSNJ and ACR enjoy many significant benefits which are promoted on this website.

Educational Activities

The RSNJ through the Educational Committee sponsors eight lectures a year, covering a variety of current topics in Radiology. Once a year, the RSNJ also sponsors a continuing Medical Education Symposium in a subspecialty area, which is free for members of the RFS. This meeting, planned in conjunction with the Academy of Medicine of New Jersey, occurs during a weekend in the Fall. Past topics have included: MRI, Breast Imaging, and Ultrasound. A complete list of these activities with topics, dates, times, and locations can be found elsewhere on this site under the Activities section.

Job Listings

In addition to the Educational activities discussed above, the RSNJ maintains a list of job opportunities to aid graduating residents in finding employment. A similar listing is available on a nationwide basis through the ACR.

Socioeconomic and Legislative Activities

Other important functions of the RSNJ are to:

     1. promote quality radiological services for patients in New Jersey

     2. maintain high ethical standards in the practice of radiology

     3. represent the radiological community with respect to regulatory, legislative, and

     4. socioeconomic health issues that arise in the state.

These issues are discussed at the RSNJ Executive Committee each month. A semi-annual meeting in November and an annual meeting in April are held for the general membership. Both feature a review of recent chapter events, a detailed legal/legislative report, and a guest speaker on relevant socioeconomic issues. Detailed monthly reports written by the President and our attorney, John Fanburg are posted under the Membership section of the RSNJ website. Access to some sections of the website is limited to RSNJ members only; the password can be obtained by contacting the RSNJ Executive Director.



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