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The Radiological Society of New Jersey
Serving, promoting, and advancing the profession of radiology in New Jersey




Although the Board of Directors is the sole decision-making body of RSNJ, the committees and liaisons that guide both the Board of Advisors and the Board of Directors is crucial to the success of RSNJ.



Prapti Shingala

Nominating Committee 2023 (3 immediate past presidents and 2 members at large)

David Youmans (3rd immediate Past President)

Rob Graziano (2nd immediate Past President)

Brett Ferdinand (immediate Past President)

Suresh Mody

Vivek Masson

Women and Diversity Committee
Nikki Ariaratnam Chair

Judy Amorosa

By-Laws Committee
Gregory Nicola

Committee on Small Practices
Suresh Mody, Chair

CT/MRI Committee
Erwin Lin, Chair

Education & Scientific Program Committee
Mark Bramwit, Chair
Robert Graziano
Asef Khwaja
Roy Fertakos

Nikki Ariaratnam

Myra Wedmid

Ethics Committee
Robert Graziano

Fellowship Committee
Mark Bramwit, Co-Chair
David Youmans, Co-Chair

Gold Medal Committee
Mark Bramwit, Chair

Government Relations Committee
Mark Bramwit
Nicole Saphier
Roger Yang

Legislative Committee
Nicole Saphier, Chair, NJ Radiology Advocacy Network (NJ-RAN)
David Youmans

Liaison to the ACR
Mark Bramwit

Mammography Committee
Myra Wedmid, Co-Chair
Christopher Ananian, Co-Chair

Managed Care Committee
Brett Ferdinand

Membership Committee
Vivek Masson, Chair

MSNJ Liaison Committee
Christopher Gribbin

PET and Nuclear Medicine Committee
Jeffrey Kempf, MD, Co-Chair
Jamil Mohsin, MD, Co-Chair
Keith Dockery, MD

Pediatric Radiology Committee
Asef Khwaja, MD, Chair

Standards of Practice Committee
Gregory Nicola, MD, Chair

Technologists Advisory Committee

Liaison with Residents
Judith Amorosa, MD, FACR, Co-Chair
Jeffrey Kempf, MD, FACR, Co-Chair, Co-Chair

Representative to the ACR PAC
Nicole Saphier, MD

Liaison to ACR Medicaid Network
Mark Guelfguat, DO

Representative to the Medicare CAC Committee (Radiation Therapy)

Representative to the Medicare CAC Committee (Diagnostic Radiology)
Roy Fertakos, MD

RSNJ Residents
William Raynor

Victoria Kim

Executive Director

Kristen Stone

Legal Counsel

John Fanburg, ESQ


Paul Anzano

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