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The Radiological Society of New Jersey
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RSNJ Involvement in
New Jersey Legislation

Over the past fifteen years, the Radiology Society of New Jersey (RSNJ) has been actively engaged with the New Jersey Legislature and Governor promoting legislation which it believes is in the best interests of our patients and the radiology profession. When appropriate, the RSNJ has opposed legislation which falls short of these goals.


In order to be an effective advocate for radiology, we have built a strong network of allies in the Legislature and with other similarly minded organizations ranging from medical providers, hospitals and business interests.

Today, the RSNJ is actively engaged in the State House concerning the following issues:

      • Opposition to legislation (S1522/A2286) which would significantly weaken the “team based” provision of medical care by expanding the APN scope of practice not subject to a collaboration agreement between the APN and a New Jersey licensed physician.
      • Seeking passage of legislation (S2793/A4320) to mandate health insurance coverage for tomosynthesis.
      • Supporting legislation to require network adequacy(A4485).
      • Supporting greater transparency for patients concerning health insurance benefits, network participation and hospital affiliations.
      • Opposing all legislation requiring an out of network fee schedule.
      • Opposing any effort to increase the ambulatory care facility tax.
      • Achieving a fair and balanced telemedicine law.
      • Opposing legislation to restrict the practice of radiology to the detriment of our patients and the best practices of the radiology profession.
      • Supporting medical malpractice reform.
      • Working with allies to ensure and improve the delivery of safe, cost-effective medical care to those in need whether through legislation affecting medical practices, hospitals or health insurance.


A few of our past efforts have included:

      • Encouraged the passage of the breast density law.
      • Opposition to the ambulatory care facilities (ACF) tax.
      • Support for comprehensive and fair health insurance.
      • Support the appropriate regulation of managed care companies.
      • Opposition to legislation which would mandate restrictive procedures for radiology practices.
      • Support for legislation which promotes patient health and well-being.

As you can see, the volunteers and supporting staff at your Society have been actively engaged in promoting a radiology-friendly agenda. The Society plans to remain actively engaged, cultivating new supporters and educating policy makers on the issues important to our patients and to radiology. In order to do so, the Society requests your continued support. 

Please consider supporting your Society through its PAC. An individual contribution will go a long way in allowing your Society to be heard in Trenton and consulted when important policies are developed or debated. 

Legislation which the RSNJ is currently following and providing input on can be found in the document below (click button to open):


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