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The Radiological Society of New Jersey
Serving, promoting, and advancing the profession of radiology in New Jersey






In order to become a member of the Radiological Society of New Jersey, you must first join the American College of Radiology.



Why Join the ACR

The young radiologist just starting practice faces a bewildering array of state and national medical and radiological societies vying for his/her limited financial resources/potential dues. Filled with lots of esoteric knowledge and dozens of differential diagnoses (from studying for the boards), the new radiologist usually has little experience with the practice of medicine and no idea what individual societies do. Which ones to chose to join and why?

The established radiologist on the other hand often encounters the same dilemma for different reasons. Having joined multiple societies in an initial rush of enthusiasm, economic realities set in and he/she faces the difficult choice of pairing down the number to a manageable level. Which ones to chose to keep and why?

For the New Jersey radiologist, the answers to both questions are the Radiological Society of New Jersey (RSNJ) and its parent organization, the American College of Radiology (ACR). Hopefully, the benefits of participating in the RSNJ are apparent from the material contained on this website. The goals of the RSNJ are to:

  • Promote quality radiological services for patients in New Jersey
  • Maintain high ethical standards in the practice of radiology
  • Sponsor continuing education programs for physicians and technologists, and
  • Represent the radiological community with respect to regulatory, legislative, and socioeconomic health issues that arise in the state

The purpose of this section therefore is to extol the virtues of membership in the ACR, which mirrors the efforts of the RSNJ on the national level, and therefore is the single most important radiological society at the national level. Radiologists should bookmark their website at and visit this valuable resource frequently.

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